Press Releases

January 8, 2011 Press Release
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Chuck Fleischmann sent his thoughts and prayers to Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, and her family, following the tragedy in Tucson, Arizona earlier today.
January 7, 2011 Press Release
Congressman Chuck Fleischmann announced today that the first bill he signs onto will be The Small Business Paperwork Relief Act (H.R. 144) – a bill designed to do-away with the burdensome 1099 reporting requirement found within ObamaCare.
January 6, 2011 Press Release
I was proud to be present on the House floor today as the Constitution was read by members of both parties. It was an honor to be there as we, the servants of the people, returned to where this great country started – the document the hold’s the genius words and ideas of our Founding Fathers.
January 5, 2011 Press Release
United States House of Representatives is scheduled to conduct the first votes of the 112th Congress on January 5th, 2011 at Noon.
January 5, 2011 Press Release
The First Session of the 112th Congress commences January 5th, 2011.