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April 27, 2016 In The News
Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, R-Tenn., the bill's chief sponsor, said it would help prevent attacks such as a shooting at a Chattanooga reserve center last year that killed four Marines and a sailor. The FBI said the killer was inspired by foreign terrorists.
April 26, 2016 In The News
Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, R-Tenn., said his bill would urge the Dept. of Homeland Security to use testimonials from former or estranged jihadis, effectively countering the ISIS message.
April 25, 2016 In The News
U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, R-Tenn., heralded the restart of work on the lock today during a press conference at the Chickamauga Lock in Hixson. "This is a great day for the great state of Tennessee," Fleischmann told local and Army Corps of Engineers officials. "I pledged when I ran for Congress to try to fix what is broken in Washington."
April 22, 2016 In The News
U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann said Friday he's encouraged by the Navy's response to the request to name a ship the USS Chattanooga in honor of the five servicemen slain in a terrorist attack in the East Tennessee city last summer.
April 21, 2016 In The News
The Program will include several elected officials including US Representative Chuck Fleischmann.
April 15, 2016 In The News
A congressional bill seeking to return 76 acres of tribal land along the Little Tennessee River to the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is making its way through a U.S. House subcommittee with no opposition and few changes so far.
April 12, 2016 In The News
Congressman Chuck Fleischmann invites high school students from Tennessee’s 3rd Congressional District to participate in the 2016 Congressional Art Competition.
April 6, 2016 In The News
U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, R, is taking a leadership role in the fight against ISIS with his proposed Combating Terrorist Recruitment Act of 2016.
April 5, 2016 In The News
The House Nuclear Cleanup Caucus, which is chaired by U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, R-Tenn., will participate in an event April 20 to look at the Department of Energy’s high-risk excess facilities — a topic that’s drawing concern and increasing attention within the federal agency.
March 30, 2016 In The News
Chuck Fleischmann, presented a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition to all McMinn County Vietnam veterans.