A Veterans Day Message from Congressman Fleischmann

November 9, 2017
Press Release

Living in the United States, we have many things to be proud of, but first and foremost are the freedoms we enjoy daily. The foundational liberties laid out in the Constitution and Bill of Rights are what makes our country so great. Today, we honor the men and women who donned our country’s uniform and risked their lives to defend those freedoms, to protect our communities, and safeguard the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Today I am especially proud to represent a state with such a rich history of respect for and service to our country.

Beginning with the War of 1812, thousands of Tennessee soldiers volunteered to defend our country and fight for freedom. During the Mexican-American War, Tennesseans once again showed their dedication to our nation far surpassing then-Governor Aaron Brown’s request for 2,600 volunteers as 30,000 Tennesseans responded to the call of duty. Throughout history, such repeated actions earned Tennessee the slogan: ‘the Volunteer State’. To every Volunteer past and present, who inspire the volunteers of the future, thank you for your service to our great nation, and Happy Veterans Day.