Rep. Fleischmann Votes For Fiscally Responsible Budget

March 25, 2015
Press Release

This evening, the House of Representatives passed the FY2016 Budget Resolution. After the vote, Rep. Chuck Fleischmann released the following statement.

“With today’s passage of the FY2016 Budget Resolution, we are rebuilding a fiscally responsible nation. Compared to the President’s budget plan which raises taxes by $2.1 trillion and never balances, the budget passed this evening balances the budget within ten years with no new taxes. Since I entered Congress, I have fought to cut spending, lower taxes, and reduce our national debt, and today we moved one step closer to creating a stronger America. This budget supports economic growth and makes key reforms to preserve and strengthen Medicare for future generations. However, in order to successfully implement this budget plan, we need to return to regular order, which means passing individual appropriations bills. It’s time we get the American economy back on track.”