RELEASE: Two Fleischmann Amendments Included In Final FAA Reauthorization

October 3, 2018
Press Release

CHATTANOOGA, TN — Congressman Chuck Fleischmann (TN-03) released the following statement after the Senate passed S.1405, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization Act of 2019. Included in FAA Reauthorization are two amendments offered by Congressman Fleischmann:

“The aim of my first amendment is to addresses concerns regarding the ballooning costs associated with building and maintaining our general aviation airport runways, especially in rural America. This amendment will mitigate the hefty price tag these airports face by encouraging the use of state based products and supporting local businesses that offer alternative pavement solutions.”

"We commend Congressman Fleischmann for his leadership on addressing the pavement construction needs of state aviation agencies and transportation departments in the FAA Reauthorization bill that has passed in both chambers,” said John Shea NASAO Interim President and CEO

"The provision championed by Rep. Fleischmann reduces outdated and unnecessary regulatory red tape and streamlines a process for states to reduce pavement construction costs while still maintaining the highest level of safety at our nation’s general aviation airports. Facing serious budget restraints and increased construction costs, states are constantly forced to do more with less. Thanks to Rep. Fleischmann’s work on this provision, states now have the ability to save millions of dollars over the course of the five-year bill."

“Additionally, I was proud to offer another amendment to ensure the sustainability and longevity of our airports through the use of geosynthetic materials,” said Congressman Fleischmann. Geosynthetic materials allow for faster airfield construction and repairs compared to the use of conventional materials. This allows for airports to reopen sooner which prevents costly congestion. Additionally, because geosynthetics allow for reduced maintenance costs, they also take into account the budgetary limitations of our nation’s airports.

I am confident that both of my amendments will allow for those to travel our skies to do so more safely and seamlessly with common-sense answers to the problems plaguing today’s airport infrastructure.”