ICYMI – Fleischmann joins FOX & Friends to Highlight Young Americans’ Eagerness to Serve

September 2, 2021
Press Release

Chattanooga, TN – U.S. Representative Chuck Fleischmann (TN-03) joined Ainsley Earhardt on FOX & Friends to discuss his recent Military Service Academy Day and young Tennesseans’ eagerness to serve in our nation’s armed forces. Congressman Fleischmann was joined by Oneida High School student Quintin Cruz, who attended Rep. Fleischmann’s Academy Day and plans to one day enter West Point and serve in the U.S. Army.

Rep. Chuck Fleischmann joins FOX & Friends with Oneida High School student Quintin Cruz to discuss young Americans' eagerness to serve.

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Partial Transcript:

Ainsley Earhardt: “Well, despite the chaos and devastation in Afghanistan where 13 brave service members made the ultimate sacrifice, our next guests are proving American patriotism, and the desire to serve is still thriving. Tennessee high schools were eager to enroll in military academies at an event that was hosted by Congressman Chuck Fleischmann… So, Congressman, what exactly is Military Academy Day, and what did you find when you talked to these students?”


Rep. Fleischmann: “For the last 10-years since I’ve been in Congress, Military Academy Day is where we allow high school students to come learn how they can get into the five great United States Military Academies or go through ROTC and serve our country as an officer. It’s been great for the young men and women; I’ve had tens of folks get into the academies, many are still serving… What a great source of optimism to see the young people come out and attend… It just shows a great way that we can serve our country.”


Ainsley Earhardt: “Absolutely, and Quintin, I know your mom and your dad both served in the Army, your dad for 32-years, and you wanna follow in their footsteps. Why do you wanna do that?”


Quintin Cruz: “Joining the military, or the Army, has been a dream of mine since I was a little kid. I’ve always had great respect for those who have served, and I want to be one of those people.”


Ainsley Earhardt: “That is just amazing. Are you a little nervous about it or scared when you see what is happening in Afghanistan?”


Quintin Cruz: “I think it is sad to see that 13 soldiers have died and that the Afghanistan people are suffering because we chose to withdraw.”


Ainsley Earhardt: “And knowing the risks, you still want to do it?”


Quintin Cruz: “Yes, ma’am.”


Ainsley Earhardt: “God bless you, that is wonderful.”


Ainsley Earhardt: “So, seeing all the eagerness Congressman when you were at Military Academy Day, do you compare it to what we saw after 9/11?”


Rep. Fleischmann: “Absolutely, at that time, we saw a lot of Americans step up and basically say, I want to serve our country. I remember that day; it was probably one of the saddest days of my life because we saw America attacked right in New York; on our soil, it was horrible… Despite the adversity that we see, despite the debacle that we’ve seen come out of Afghanistan, the American people are a proud, great, patriotic people. We are the freest, greatest nation in the world, and when you see young men and women wanting to stand up and serve our country, patriotism is alive and well. Our friends need to know it. Our foes need to know it. We’re still the greatest nation in the world.”


Ainsley Earhardt: “Quintin, I know you are considering West Point. You’re a sophomore, so you’re not at that point yet. What does the American flag mean to you?”


Quintin Cruz: “It stands for freedom, this great America that we have, and our soldiers who are fighting to keep that freedom safe.”