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Fleischmann Votes To Hold Lois Lerner In Contempt Of Congress

May 7, 2014
Press Release

WASHINGTON−This evening, the House of Representatives voted to hold Lois Lerner, a former top official at the IRS, in contempt of Congress. On two separate occasions, Lerner refused to answer questions about the IRS’s reported targeting of political groups while asserting her innocence. After the vote, Congressman Fleischmann released the following statement.

“The egregious actions by the IRS to single out and target conservative groups, including groups in Tennessee’s Third District, are appalling. These discriminatory practices directly violate the IRS’s mission to ‘enforce the law with integrity and fairness to all.’ Under the guidance of Lois Lerner and other federal officials, the IRS was used as a political tool. This is an outrageous breach of American trust. The American people deserve a transparent government that they can trust to protect their basic freedoms, not one they have to fear.”