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Congressman Fleischmann Responds to Disappointing March Jobs Report

April 5, 2013
Press Release

 Congressman Fleischmann Responds to Disappointing March Jobs Report

WASHINGTON− Congressman Fleischmann released the following comments on the Department of Labor’s March jobs report.  The report showed approximately 496,000 Americans left the work force, dropping the participation rate to only 63.3 percent.  That marks the lowest point since the Carter Presidency, in 1979.

“Today’s jobs report is extremely disappointing and another sign that the President’s economic policies are simply not working.  With labor-force participation at a 34 year low, we are in desperate need of pro-growth policies and real leadership.  House Republicans have produced a plan that will put the country back on the path to prosperity and get Americans back to work.  We cannot continue down this path of tax and spend governing. President Reagan proved during the 1980’s recovery that cutting taxes and government regulations spurs job growth.  It worked then and it will work now.”