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Congressman Fleischmann Opposes Military Force in Syria

September 10, 2013
Press Release

WASHINGTON− Monday evening Congressman Chuck Fleischmann attended a classified briefing on the conflict in Syria.  The briefing, presented by the White House, was meant to further inform Members of the situation and potential next steps for the nation. 

“Considering the use of military force is always a very somber decision and deserves our nation’s utmost diligence.  Throughout this process I have sought the opinion of my constituents across East Tennessee and committed to listen to the President’s plan.  After hearing the information presented by the administration, I cannot support the authorization for the use of military force in Syria should it come before the House for a vote.

“I am deeply concerned about the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war and have given great thought to the impact this decision could have on the Syrian people, our allies, and the instability in the region as a whole.  My concerns about the use of military force in Syria have centered on two essential questions: What is our goal, and what are the implications following military action?  Neither of these questions has been adequately answered by the administration.  In fact, if anything my concerns have grown.”