Chuck Fleischmann Co-Sponsors "The Small Business Paperwork Relief Act"

January 7, 2011
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Chuck Fleischmann announced today that the first bill he signs onto will be The Small Business Paperwork Relief Act (H.R. 144) – a bill designed to do-away with the burdensome 1099 reporting requirement found within ObamaCare.

“I promised the voters of the 3rd District that I would work to repeal and defund ObamaCare, and that is why I have decided to have the first piece of legislation I put my name on be a step in that exact direction,” Fleischmann said.

“This unnecessary burden is an example of government bureaucracy at its worst, and it is stifling to American business. This is a great start to rolling back ObamaCare and working towards market-based reforms.

“As someone who operated a small business for 24 years, I am honored to use my position on the Small Business Committee to stand up for the backbone of the American economy on issues such as rolling back the 1099 provision in ObamaCare. We must ensure small businesses in America are free of burdensome government regulations as they work to succeed.”

ObamaCare will require business owners to submit a separate 1099 reporting form for every single business-to-business transaction totaling more than $600. This means small business owners will have to provide 1099 forms for basic business expenses – substantially increasing the cost of doing business. The Small Business Paperwork Relief Act repeals the onerous reporting requirement.