Chuck Fleischmann votes against Harry Reid’s plan

July 30, 2011
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Chuck Fleischmann cast his vote against Harry Reid’s plan to raise the debt ceiling today.

“After refusing to even consider two different plans sent to him by the House, Harry Reid is trying to pass a plan to raise the debt ceiling that does almost nothing to stop runaway federal spending. The Reid plan would increase the debt ceiling by more than double the amount of spending cuts, it does nothing to advance a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, and it cuts defense spending by almost $1 trillion. Not only is the plan unacceptable in terms of getting our fiscal house in order, it puts the brunt of the cuts on the back of our military,” Fleischmann said.

“I cannot support a bill that continues to push our country’s economy closer to the edge of a cliff. The ‘Cut, Cap, and Balance’ plan and ‘The Budget Control Act’ that the House has already passed would put our country on a path to fiscal responsibility, would not raise taxes and would help advance a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. Harry Reid should take a clue from the 2010 elections, not from speeches given by Barack Obama.”